Dog Joy – Volume 1 Announced

[August 1, 2018]  Caroline Capuzzi, a 17-year old senior at Henderson High School in West Chester, PA is publishing the first volume of "Dog Joy: Amazing Stories of the Indescribable Love Only a Rescued Dog Can Give.”

Dog Joy will contain real stories from people who have opened their homes and hearts to adopting or rescuing a dog in need.

Each poignant tale in the volume is accompanied by a photograph of the story’s rescued dog and each chapter was contributed by a unique individual or family. In addition, Capuzzi asked the contributors to highlight a non-profit dog rescue, shelter or organization which supports dog rescue and adoption. 100% of all profits garnered from book sales will be donated to the selected rescue operations featured in the book.

Intended to be shared with friends and family as well as donated to local animal rescues or given to local vets, “Dog Joy” spreads the love and deep comfort which rescue-dogs freely offer to their owners. The ultimate goal of the book is to encourage people to consider visiting an animal shelter the next time they are looking for a new friend.

Copies of Dog Joy - Volume 1 can be purchase by visiting