Fundraising Ideas

Publishing your own edition of Dog Joy, which captures and shares heartwarming adoption stories from your own organization, is a unique and powerful way to raise money to support your efforts.

There are several ways you can raise money with your book, including:

  • Selling on your website
  • Selling on your social media pages
  • Selling your book at community events
  • Selling your book at dog rescue events
  • Selling your book at your rescue location(s)
  • Selling books to local retailers and supporting businesses for display
  • Using your book as a gift for donations
  • Using your book to attract local publicity

Whenever you sell a copy of your Dog Joy edition, you keep 100% of the proceeds!

And don’t forget about the opportunity to raise awareness about your organization.  Every contributing author will be sharing the book with their friends and family, which means more and more people will learn about your rescue and hopefully make the decision to support you and adopt from you!

When you’re ready to publish your own edition of Dog Joy, we would love to talk to you.  Click here to send us a message and we will get back to you right away!