The Process

We have developed an easy and fast publishing process which enables your dog rescue to publish your very own edition(s) of Dog Joy at ZERO UPFRONT COST to your organization.  This means you can create your own book without spending a dollar and we contribute $500 and 150 copies of the book to your organization!

It’s a phenomenal opportunity and because Dog Joy is a collection of stories contributed by your adopters, the amount of content you need to write is minimal. 

There are only two requirements to make this all a success.

The first one is to identify 20 Dog Joy “Contributing Authors” who each contribute a $250 fee to write a 700 to 850-word chapter for the book.  These contributing authors should be adopters who have rescued a dog from you and want to share their story with the intention of inspiring others to choose dog adoption.

The second requirement is to identify one local business or organization who will be the “Premier Sponsor” of your edition of Dog Joy. As the Premier Sponsor, they will be featured prominently in the book as an important supporter and advocate of your efforts.

Once these are completed, we get to work.

  • We manage all the orders and communications with the contributing authors.
  • We provide the contributing authors the necessary instructions and tools to write their chapter.
  • We manage proofreading and editing the book’s content.
  • We design the book’s cover (featuring one of your dogs).
  • We design the book’s interior.
  • We provide you a variety of book promotion tools

After about 10 - 12 weeks, we deliver you a professionally printed book and digital book ready for your use!

Ready to publish your own edition of Dog Joy?  Click here to send us a message and we will get back to you right away!